Birthday Greetings

A Signature is Not Enough: A Bit of a Effort is Required

Although in our fast-paced world it’s very tempting to just pull up free birthday cards online, quickly type in your name and send them off, keep in mind that a signature at the bottom of the card is just not enough. Whether you’re using hard-stock birthday cards or free e greeting cards, each one should carry a special personalized message for it’s recipient. The birthday message should be sincere, and express just how much he or she means to you. Think about the various fond memories you and the birthday person share, which can include fun and even humorous events or happenings that have occurred over the course of your lives or friendship. If you are wondering what to write inside a birthday card, this site contains numerous writing examples to help you create meaningful wording for personalizing free e card greetings, as well as for hard-stock cards. Before sending off your free e card, or signing and sealing the envelope for a traditional greeting card, take a moment to review your writing to ensure there are no spelling errors, that all phrasing is grammatically correct, and that your signature is at the bottom.

FREE Birthday Cards Online / Send Electronic Cards

Whenever a friend’s birthday sneeks up on you, and there’s not enough time to send a traditional greeting card, you must act quickly! For occasions like this, you can email birthday cards (cutting and pasting wording directly from this site into an email) or utilize the wonderful option of sending FREE birthday cards online. It’s simple and easy to do. Here’s our favorite recommendation for sending thoughtful Happy Birthday cards online:Send Free Smilebox eCards! 100s of designs for all occasions. Personalize with your photos & music.